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With Rachel Dunaway

Project Hope Worldwide staff based at Calo Me Lare in Lira, Uganda sends us a Christmas request. Several of us are sponsors of Calo Me Lare children dating from the time that Cami and Andy Flege were there.

In the past few years each child has gotten new clothes at Christmas delivered by a visiting group from PPWW. No group is visiting this season.

“Children here LOVE getting new clothes, so I really don’t want to break that pattern,” Rachel writes. Rachel and her husband Steven “could go to Kampala where things are cheaper to buy clothes for the kids. It would be a little crazy, but actually really fun to pick out something that looks like each child to me.”

“We estimate that an outfit will cost around $12 per child. I also really want to buy for the communi-ty sponsored children, because they are the ones who have the least of all of the children. So, that is around 130 children (80 CML, 50 community sponsored), which would be $1,560.

“If people want to donate to that through Project Hope Worldwide’s website, that would be SO appreciated.” Put in the notes that the money is for Rachel Dunaway for Christmas clothes for the children at Calo Me Lare.

Thanks for considering a donation of any size. Any questions? Contact Linda Barnhart.