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By Tina Smith

Fall’s in full swing, nature’s slowing down all around us, but we are getting busier! Work, soccer/football games, after school activities, theater practice, homework, the list goes on!

This month at church, we’re looking at stewardship – managing all that God has given us – well. Money or time, stewardship reminds us to be wise in what we do with our resources.

Webster’s defines Stewardship as,

“the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”.

Our children definitely fall into this category. In light of steward, how do we evaluate our parenting? In the midst of all their development – physical, mental and emotional – are we considering their spiritual formation too? Fuller Youth Institute has done critical research in this area of building family faith. (Check out the book the sticky faith guide for your family.)

Intentionally parenting in the midst of a busy life looks like:

Talking! Sharing our own personal experiences in faith formation. This doesn’t have to be forced or formal. Driving in the car between activities, or over a treat after practice. Sharing how God is working in our own life makes our faith “everyday” real.

Model saying “I’m sorry.” Our kids see us make mistakes. Acknowledging our need for their forgiveness as a key part of our spiritual formation, can change the climate in our homes.

Building relationships with other faith community people so our children can go to them with questions, etc…It’s ok not to have all the answers. I often say, “I’m not sure, but let’s see if Sylvia can help us with that question.” Or James, or Pastor Joe….you get the idea.

Be sure to come to Church this Sunday, Consecration Sunday, to learn more about our stewardship as a congregation.  Stay afterwards for our celebration luncheon.