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Lighthouse Preschool

Lighthouse Preschool

Lighting the Way to Learning Through…

Knowing and Nurturing Each Child

Children experience materials through all their senses. Children’s artwork is displayed…just as they do it. Your child will be given opportunities to share their gifts and talents in the classroom. Every day, our teachers make genuine and personal connections with each child through conversation and action.


Knowing and Nurturing Each Family

 We have an open-door policy and parents are welcome here anytime. We welcome and appreciate when family members are able to share their special skills and talents with all the children. We have opportunities for families to gather together and meet one another. Each family is celebrated through learning opportunities such as family art projects, traveling stories, traveling “pets,” and by encouraging families to bring items that are meaningful to their child such as favorite cultural foods, songs, or their family pets. Personal conferences are offered at any time parents wish to talk about a specific issue.


Knowing and Appreciating Our Community and World

Your child will meet volunteers from our community who will share their special knowledge and talents. We will visit places like the grocery store to buy pumpkins, the post office to mail letters, the aquarium on the dock, the fire station, Lime Kiln Lighthouse, and the beach. Your child will be given age-appropriate opportunities to learn about local, national, and international places and events that interest them.